Vera Audio midrange horn

Vera Audio is developing a horn speaker system. It consist of a midrange horn, a midbass horn and requires a bass/subwoofer solution. It will be active and offered with a separate high quality DSP.

The 2-horn system look like the following:
IMG20230113153824 (Medium).jpg

I'll show some measurements of the midrange/top horn. With the driver we're using, it's able to cover the range from approximately 500/600 Hz and all the up to the highest frequencies.

The measurements of a prototype horn were conducted in a small gym.
IMG20230302113749 (Liten).jpg

Due to size of the facility, the measuremen isn't anoechoic and we couldn't measure far enough away in order to get the beamwidth 100% correct. The horn has a likely a narrower directivity then what's seen in these measurements. New measurements under better conditions will be made later.

The horizontal directivity without any gating looked like this:
VA midrange horn_hor dir_to 120 deg_no gating.png

A gating with 24ms isn't sufficient to rule out all reflections as there were reflections arriving as early at 15ms at certain angles, but is shown below:

VA midrange horn_hor dir_24ms gating.png

The horn was also measured vertically.
IMG20230302134816 (Liten).jpg

Vertical directivity with no gating:
VA midrange horn vertical dir_no gating.png

Vertical directivity with 24ms gating:
VA midrange horn vertical dir_24 ms gating.png

The midrange horn measured with an extremely uniform directivity. Horizontally the directivity is text book apart from a small widening at 800-900 Hz. Vertically the polar is also very constant with some minor abberations. The horn is able to maintain direcitivity both high in frequency and very low in frequency which is unusual for speakers. How low exactly will require measurements in a more anechoic environment.